Luxury Spa Treatments in Dana Point

At Dolce MD, we provide the finest spa treatments in Dana Point, Orange County, for unmatched relaxation and revitalization.

Experience Exclusive Specialty Services

Immerse yourself in our spa experience and explore a variety of exclusive specialty services. Whether it’s a deep tissue massage or soothing aromatherapy, each treatment is tailored to meet your individual needs.


Ultimate Relaxation with Our Tissue Massages

In Dana Point, you can experience a calming tissue massage that helps dissolve your stress. Our expert therapists use specialized techniques to address tight muscles, ensuring a uniquely soothing session.

Release Tension with Our Hot Stone Massage

Discover the soothing effects of a hot stone massage. Warm, smooth stones are strategically placed on your body, allowing heat to deeply relax your muscles, reduce tension, and enhance overall tranquility.

Refreshing Body Massage Treatments

Body massage treatments, provided by Dolce MD, are designed to refresh both your body and mind. Whether you prefer gentle or deep-tissue techniques, our professional therapists customize each massage to fit your specific needs.

Enjoy the Classic Swedish Massage

The renowned Swedish massage offers unmatched relaxation and effectiveness. This classic treatment employs gentle, flowing strokes to enhance circulation. It also helps to ease muscle tension, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and calm.

Glow Brighter with Customized Facials

Our expert facials enhance your natural radiance by targeting specific skin concerns. Enjoy a clear and refreshed complexion after each personalized treatment.


Perfect Relaxation with Couples Massage

For a solo retreat or a romantic escape, our couples massage is ideal. Our skilled therapists deliver synchronized treatments, providing deep relaxation for both partners.

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Indulge in Our Serene Spa Environment

Melt away stress in our luxurious spa. The tranquil ambiance, combined with the expert hands of our therapists, ensures every tissue massage is tailored for ultimate comfort.

Group Spa Sessions for Shared Bliss

Celebrate with friends through our group spa sessions. Whether for special occasions or just a day out, these sessions offer a unique and bonding experience.

Focused Relief with Targeted Tissue Massage

Our specialized tissue massages provide targeted relief for deep tension. These treatments are perfect for those seeking precise and effective muscle relaxation.

Variety of Specialty Massages to Suit All Needs

At our boutique spa, each massage is crafted to meet your individual needs. From traditional techniques to innovative treatments, we offer a diverse selection to cater to every preference.

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