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What is Emsculpt NEO?

Emsculpt NEO is the next generation of the original Emsculpt technology, which was primarily focused on muscle toning by inducing supramaximal muscle contractions using High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology.

Emsculpt NEO elevates this concept by integrating an additional component—radiofrequency (RF) heating—to target fat more effectively.

This dual-action approach not only intensifies muscle building but also increases fat reduction compared to HIFEM alone, making Emsculpt NEO a comprehensive body contouring solution.

Emsculpt NEO

How Emsculpt NEO Works

Emsculpt NEO has revolutionized the approach to non-invasive body sculpting by ingeniously combining two powerful technologies: Radiofrequency (RF) and High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM+) energy. This dual-action mechanism not only enhances muscle mass but also reduces unwanted fat, offering a comprehensive solution for body contouring.

Combining Radiofrequency and HIFEM+ Energy

The key to Emsculpt NEO’s effectiveness lies in its innovative integration of RF and HIFEM+ energies. The treatment begins with the application of RF energy, which heats the fat cells to a temperature that causes them to undergo apoptosis, or programmed cell death. This process effectively reduces the number of fat cells in the treated area. Simultaneously, the RF energy warms the muscles, making them more receptive to the effects of the subsequent HIFEM+ energy.

Following the RF-induced fat reduction and muscle warming, the HIFEM+ energy is applied. This energy induces supramaximal muscle contractions, which are not achievable through voluntary exercise. These intense contractions force the muscle tissue to adapt, resulting in increased muscle fiber density and volume.

The Dual Approach: Fat Reduction and Muscle Enhancement

Emsculpt NEO’s dual approach targets both fat reduction and muscle enhancement in a single session, making it a highly efficient treatment option.

The RF energy specifically targets fat cells without damaging the surrounding tissues, while the HIFEM+ energy focuses on muscle toning and strengthening. This combination ensures a holistic improvement in body contour, leading to a more sculpted and toned appearance.

The synergy between RF and HIFEM+ energies allows for a more significant fat reduction and muscle growth than either technology could achieve alone. Patients can see improvements in both muscle definition and fat loss, which contributes to the overall aesthetic enhancement of the treated area.

Benefits of Emsculpt NEO

Emsculpt NEO stands out in the realm of non-invasive body contouring treatments due to its unique combination of technologies, offering unparalleled benefits in terms of fat reduction, muscle enhancement, and overall patient satisfaction. Its safety profile, ability to target specific areas, and the durability of its results further underscore why Emsculpt NEO is a preferred choice for individuals seeking a more defined and toned physique.

Less Fat, More Muscle

One of the most compelling benefits of Emsculpt NEO is its dual capability to significantly reduce fat while simultaneously increasing muscle mass. Clinical studies have shown that, on average, patients can experience up to 30% reduction in subcutaneous fat and a 25% increase in muscle mass in the treated areas.

This transformative effect is achieved through the synergistic action of radiofrequency and HIFEM+ energies, which target fat cells and muscle tissue respectively. The result is a more sculpted, toned appearance that goes beyond what traditional exercise can achieve alone.

Emsculpt Studies: Numbers That Matter

Clinical studies and real-world results have underscored the effectiveness of Emsculpt NEO. On average, patients can expect up to 30% reduction in subcutaneous fat and a 25% increase in muscle mass following a recommended treatment protocol.

These figures are a testament to the power of combining HIFEM and RF technologies. The numbers matter because they translate into visible, tangible results for patients seeking a non-surgical approach to body contouring. Whether it’s achieving a more sculpted abdomen, firmer buttocks, or toned arms and legs, Emsculpt NEO delivers measurable improvements.

emscupt in orange county

Benefits of Body Contouring with Emsculpt NEO

Emsculpt NEO’s body contouring benefits extend beyond mere aesthetics. Patients report improved body confidence and satisfaction with their physical appearance, which can have a positive impact on overall well-being.

Additionally, the treatment is versatile, allowing for the targeting of multiple areas including the abdomen, buttocks, arms, calves, and thighs.

This targeted approach ensures that patients can focus on specific body concerns, achieving a more customized and desired outcome.

Long-term Results and Clinical Studies

The efficacy of Emsculpt NEO is not only evident in the immediate post-treatment period but also in the long-term maintenance of results.

Clinical studies have documented the durability of fat reduction and muscle gains, with many patients maintaining their improved physique for six months or longer following the completion of their treatment protocol.

These long-term results are a testament to the effectiveness of Emsculpt NEO’s technology and its ability to produce lasting changes in body composition.

Ideal Candidates for Emscupt NEO

Emsculpt NEO is a state-of-the-art body contouring treatment that is suitable for a wide range of individuals looking to enhance their physique by reducing fat and building muscle.

However, it is important to understand the specific eligibility criteria to determine who would benefit most from this treatment and who should avoid it due to potential contraindications.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Emsculpt NEO?

Ideal candidates for Emsculpt NEO are those who are seeking improvement in muscle tone and fat reduction in specific areas such as the abdomen, buttocks, arms, thighs, or calves. Emsculpt NEO is particularly effective for individuals who maintain a healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet and regular exercise, but who still struggle to achieve the desired muscle definition and fat loss through these measures alone.

Emsculpt NEO is FDA-cleared for patients with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of up to 35, which makes this technology accessible to a diverse group of body shapes and fitness levels. It is also beneficial for individuals looking to improve diastasis recti, the separation of abdominal muscles, which is common after pregnancy.



Emsculpt Treatment Areas

To be eligible for Emscupt NEO treatments, individuals should not have any contraindications that could potentially lead to adverse effects:

  • Metal or electronic implants in the treatment area, such as cardiac pacemakers, implanted defibrillators, neurostimulators, or drug pumps.
  • Presence of a malignant tumor or hemorrhagic conditions.
  • History of seizures or epilepsy.
  • Recent surgical procedures near the treatment area.
  • Hernias or other muscle-related issues in or near the treatment area.
  • Pregnancy, nursing, or menstruation due to the lack of safety data in these demographics.



Why Choose DOLCE MD for Your Emsculpt NEO Treatment in Orange County?

DOLCE MD, in Orange county, is recognized for its excellence in patient care, offering state-of-the-art aesthetic treatments including Emsculpt NEO. Dr. John Sanguedolce, with his extensive experience and dedication to patient outcomes, ensures that each treatment is tailored to the individual’s goals.

Patients at DOLCE MD can expect:

  • Detailed consultations to discuss treatment objectives and develop a customized plan.
  • The latest Emsculpt NEO technology for effective and efficient body contouring.
  • A professional and discreet service, ensuring comfort and privacy for all patients.

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